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Why Worry About Dating Violence

Did you know that 18-24 year old women are the MOST likely to be with a partner who physically, mentally or verbally abuses them?

You may think that you know how to identify these forms of abuse and chances, you do. But, before things get to the point of life or death or even crossing that not-so-fine line, there are little warning signs — things we brush off, excuse away and flat out ignore. Those warning signs can save your life or the life of someone you love.

Dating and domestic violence is not as easy to identify as you might think. In the same breath, abusers aren’t as clever as they think they are either.

We can band together. We can learn from the women before us and we can be prepared. We can end dating and domestic violence.

But, it’s going to take a fight.

Are you up for it?

Surviving Sucks.

If you’re a domestic violence survivor, read this and tell me that it doesn’t.

You still wake up with terrors. You still look over your shoulder. Sometimes you react to things that you think you might not need to but you’re conditioned to expect certain things, even when you’ve removed yourself from the monster in your nightmares. Normal? Ive talked to women who said it took 10+ years to feel any sense of normal after their escape.

The one thing that sucks more for me as a survivor, is hearing a scarily similar story from someone I could have helped.

Have you had that happen yet?

We need to celebrate our survivorship, but I urge you, the fight, YOUR FIGHT, it is far from over.

It’s time to teach. If we’re going to continue to hurt, we might as well punch back this time.

Think it’s too painful. Honey, you got out. You’re the toughest woman alive. You’ve already shown that to us. And we know that if you’re moved to, you can make a change.

Learn how you can impact the movement by either sharing your story, becoming a speaker, becoming a mentor to a new survivor or contributing lesson ideas. We even have opportunities to be a guest writer one time or a regular contributor.

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