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It's time we break the curse of dating and domestic violence.

Too many of our girls are dealing with domestic violence evils we've stared in the face before.

We're starting a revolution.

We're going to prevent dating and domestic violence by breaking the silence. We, the generation before, are getting real with young women today so that together we can heal and we can prevent them from the same fate.

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Why RemindHer?

More than 33% of young adults today are faced with life threatening and harmful situations due to an abusive romantic relationship.

RemindHer is about reminding young women that this might be the norm, it might be what our mothers dealt with, our grandmother dealt with and what we're now facing. But, WE, we can BREAK the generational curse.

We're here to remind every young woman that the power to change the trajectory of our world and dating and domestic violence lies within HER.

We're here to help.

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Mentors with Moxie & Heart

Our speakers lived it. They're survivors. And they're fed up.

Inquire about different topics that fit your specific school or group's needs. Let us help prepare the young minds you're charged with leading to recognize the signs of dating violence and abuse early and let's change the statistics. Let's help you change the world for the ones you love.

Real World Learnings. Lifetime Solutions.

Learn about our curriculum. Teach the lessons live on your own. Have more engaging conversations. Teach real-world skills that could save a life and impact the world.

"Few topics are as relevant and sensitive for students today as domestic violence. Alyssa uses her personal experience to garner awareness in a way that is both moving and impactful."

Caleb Donaldson
Caleb Donaldson Real Life Christian Church, College Group Pastor, Campus Pastor

"I hadn’t heard about this yet, but I’m glad I did. I didn’t realize there were so many little warning signs before things got violence. I won’t forget this talk."

John B.
John B. Orlando, Fla., 16

RemindHer Movement
The Battle Cry

  • We will NOT be victims of our circumstances and we wont let our youth walk into the same situations we escaped
  • Too many young people are suffering from situation WE could have helped prevent and we're fed up with silence
  • We will be vulnerable. We will be tough. We will change the world.

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